MyoNet is a global multicentre, interdisciplinary research project on inflammatory myopathies, myositis.

​MyoNet involves neurologists, rheumatologists, neuropathologists, pediatric rheumatologists, basic scientists and statisticians, with expertise in genetics, proteomics, epidemiology and clinics.

New participants with an interest in understanding the pathogenesis of myositis are welcome to join MyoNet.



New book published, ‘Myositis’, authors Dr Hector Chinoy and Professor Robert G Cooper

The idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIM) are a rare group of autoimmune diseases, negatively affecting the lives of an estimated 250,000 people worldwide. Delays in diagnosis often occur owing to a lack of recognition of disease presentation, or misdiagnosis, both of which can lead to muscle atrophy.

This new addition to the Oxford Rheumatology Library series focuses on providing a summary of what is currently understood about the epidemiology of myositis, controversies in diagnosis criteria, clinical features, and the current paradigms for treatment and intervention. Designed to bring together the multi-disciplinary involvement of healthcare professionals for IMM patients, this is the first easy-to-navigate guide for the practical management of myositis.
This is an essential guide for both physicians and trainees in Rheumatology, Neurology, and Dermatology specialities.

More information here

Euromyositis registry and MYONET meeting 1st-2nd February 2018, Prague, Czech Republic






Euromyositis registry and MYONET meeting

1st-2nd February 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

The meeting will foster collaboration between centres involved in myositis network and will discuss various aspects dealing with Myositis registry and current and future cooperation.


Lindner Hotel Prague Castle
Strahovska 128
118 00 Prague
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 226 080 000
Fax:  +420 226 080 200

The expected number of participants is around 50 for whom the meeting and accommodation for one night will be covered by organizers.

Please register at:

Organizing office:

Congress Prague, Nad Obcí I/24, 140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic

GSM: +420 724 264 870
Tel: +420 241 445 813
Fax: +420 241 445 806